Naturopathic Care

As a new patient, your initial consultation will consist of two parts.  This allows Dr. White to spend time studying your case, the detailed information she received from your first visit and any lab results, so that she can create a personalized health plan that will address all of your concerns and wellness goals.

First Office Visit:  During a consultation, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much time your Naturopathic doctor spends with you.  Initial visits are typically 75-90 minutes.  Dr. White will discuss your past medical history, your present health concerns, and your health, diet and lifestyle goals.  She will use this information in order to best recommend a healing protocol that will address all of your concerns and goals.   Dr. White will take the time to listen to you and will use non-toxic, naturopathic treatment modalities to promote healing and restore health.

Second Office Visit:  During the second visit, Dr. White will discuss lab results with you in detail, will explain any handouts, and will go over with you your personalized health plan.  The second part typically takes up to 1 hr.

What about Insurance?  Insurance does not cover Naturopathic care in the state of Texas.  As a result, your office visit and any Naturopathic ‘specialty’ labs will not be covered by your insurance provider.

Lab Assessment:  Dr. White will assess any recent labs that you have had, so it is important to bring with you copies of any recent lab work.  She may also recommend additional labs that she feels are important.  The following are a few of the common naturopathic lab tests that Dr. White may recommend:

– Nutritional Assessment

– Food Sensitivity Testing

– Digestive and Stool Analysis

– Intestinal Permeability Testing (for Leaky Gut)

– Detailed Lipid Profile Testing

– Hormone Testing

– More…

*Leslie White, ND is a naturopathic doctor, and the state of Texas does not currently regulate or license naturopathic medicine. Dr. White holds a license to practice naturopathic medicine from the state of Vermont. This site does not provide medical or health care advice, so please consult with your physician regarding any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.